Home Renovation: Things To Know Before Renovating a Home.

Home Renovation

Renovating House? Tips to Keep Your Space Organized: A blog around the best ways to renovate a space along with tips on organizing that space.

A house isn’t just a house; it represents a lifestyle. And that means that the space is yours—not the next owner’s.

“What renovations should I do first?” Alone, it’s tough to classify your project. We’re here to help you organize that list and get to work!


Before you do anything inside your home, first determine the age of your roof. If the previous homeowner doesn’t know when the last time it was replaced or makes an old house renovation, your home inspector or a roofing renovation contractor can give you an estimate. About 30 years of the advertised life expectancy of most common roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, Terracotta roofing, and Foam tiles. If you are coming up on the end you should consider replacing it before doing anything else. Is it the most exciting renovation project? No, but spending thousands repainting inside only to have a roof leak is not my idea of a fun time.


The next project to consider is the old mechanicals in the basement. Again, this isn’t a fab project, but if your furnace or hot water heater is nearing the end of its life, it’s time to replace them. Who wants to wake up to no hot water or a cold house in the middle of winter? At the very least, have them serviced by a professional and get their opinion on when they need to be replaced.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

From here I like to live in the home for at least a few months before jumping into a kitchen or bathroom remodel. There are several advantages to this. First, you will get a better feel for the flow of the house in its current state. This will give you ideas on how you want to layout your new kitchen to optimize the space for cooking, entertaining, and family dinners. Second, it gives you time to find inspiration on sites like Remodel It and Pinterest that fit the style and flow you are considering for your new space. And most importantly, you might need time to save up for your dream kitchen or to explore financing options. A house renovation wouldn’t be complete without it.

Floors and Paint

If you have the opportunity to do your floors before you move into the house, I highly recommend you take advantage. It’s much easier to do them before all of your furniture is in the house and refinishing hardwood floors creates a lot of dust. It’s impossible to keep it off of your belongings, so doing the floors before you move in will give you an opportunity to clean.


While planning your kitchen and bathroom renovations, doing some landscaping is a great next project. Even those of us with the worst green thumb can dig up those overgrown bushes, drive over to the local nursery, and buy some beautiful flowers to plant and mulch to spread.

Bonus Tip:

Another great way to quickly improve the look of your home is to replace those old dusty light fixtures, both inside and out, with new light fixtures. New lights can improve the look and feel of your home dramatically and can be done on your own in just a few hours.

Conclusion: We hope that this post helped you figure out how to renovate your space. But no matter what you decide, remember: every structure is an individual, and every renovation has its own challenges. Twice services provide the best renovation services in Pune therefore you can tackle enormous projects with an informed point of view, but the rest is up to you!

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